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Re: libc6 problem

> > I'm trying update to kernel 2.6.12, but it seems not possible cause libc6 package is "strange".
> > 
> > kernel-package requires 'ldd' from libc6.
> > 
> > # dpkg -L libc6 | grep ldd
> > /usr/share/man/man1/ldd.1.gz
> > /usr/bin/ldd
> > diversificato da ia32-libs a: /usr/bin/ldd.ia32-libs
> > 
> > but I cannot find ldd in /usr/bin. I have reinstalled libc6 but 'ldd' is not present again...
> > 
> > Have you any idea? Where is 'ldd'?
> ldd from libc6 has been diverted to /usr/bin/ldd.ia32-libs according to
> your dpkg output. It is ldd from ia32-libs that is missing. You should
> uninstall it, or remove it.

Just a question:

I have a 'chroot-32bit' installed on my system to run 32bit programs. Doesn't ia32-libs make same thing? Do I must remove 'chroot-32bit'?


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