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Re: A problem with svgatextmode

On Sun, Sep 11, 2005 at 06:58:12AM +0100, Brian Potkin wrote:
> Yesterday I installed the amd64 port on a machine which had been running
> the i386 distribution.  Everything went smoothly until it came to
> invoking svgatextmode.
> I downloaded the package and copied my existing TextConfig to the new
> /etc directory.  My video card is a Matrox G200.  Provided the basic
> VGA mode was specified in the configuration file stm 80x25x9 (e.g.)
> worked.  Changing the chipset to reflect the video card used got me a
> blank screen and necessitated a reboot.
> The same card and configuration file worked as expected prior to
> changing to amd64 and I have never before had any real problems with
> svgatextmode using other supported cards.  So am I looking at a problem
> specific to amd64, a bug perhaps, which can only be solved by some
> deeper examination of how the program behaves on this architecture?

This might be an amd64 specific issue yes.  Please file a bug
report against the package.


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