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Re: ia32-libs is a joke !

Ernest jw ter Kuile wrote:

>This package is huge !
>Is there a good reason it combines so many 32bits libraries from so many (x86) 
>Debian packages ?
>Is there going to be a different ia32-libs package to download each time one 
>of it's many elements is upgraded in debian 32 ? (which could be a daily 
>happenning) It uses 27 MByte ! 
>why not several subsets ? remove everything X to start with.
>anybody : is there an alternative ? 
There's a package called amd64-archive (see
http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2005/07/msg00663.html ) which
appears to provide roughly the same functionality as ia32-libs (limited
32bit compatability without a chroot) while allowing more flexibility in
installing and removing packages.  I haven't tried it but others on this
list have had success with it.

-- Alexander Rapp

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