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Re: mp3 encoding - lame?

Darnit, I forgot to send this to the list. Sorry.

Azer Demir wrote:
> there is a package called toolame, it is nearly identical to lame, but
> it is a different project. in i386 (and maybe in other archs) lame
> package is available, but not in amd64, i don't know why. but i used
> toolame with grip(you can use it in command-line), it works fine.you
> just configure your encoder type like "other", and write encoder
> executable like "/usr/bin/toolame" in Config/Encode/Encoder path in tabs.

tooLAME is an MPEG-1 layer 2 encoder; LAME is layer 3. I've never used
tooLAME, though, so perhaps it works about as well.

As far as I know, LAME isn't included in Debian for legal reasons.

To the original poster:

Unless you need to make an mp3 for a hardware player or something, you'd
be better off using oggenc.

I just tried the lame package from marillat; it seems to work fine for
me. I fed it the audio from a two-hour movie and about an hour of
/dev/urandom. No problem either for a LAME I just built myself using gcc-4.0

Can you provide a sample source audio file (perhaps cut down to a
reasonable size using dd)? Also give the exact command you're using to
encode. I'll see if I can reproduce your problem on my system.

On a related note:

The lame source can be easily compiled into a debian package. Whenever
you see a debian directory in a source tree you can just run:

$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b

If you know you have the build dependencies met you can run instead:

$ fakeroot debian/rules binary

(which is a little easier to type)

If you decide to build yourself a debian package of LAME be sure to run
`make uninstall` in the source tree first. Things can get confusing with
a package installed to /usr and the same program installed to /usr/local.


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