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Re: mp3 encoding - lame?


there is a package called toolame, it is nearly identical to lame, but
it is a different project. in i386 (and maybe in other archs) lame
package is available, but not in amd64, i don't know why. but i used
toolame with grip(you can use it in command-line), it works fine.you
just configure your encoder type like "other", and write encoder
executable like "/usr/bin/toolame" in Config/Encode/Encoder path in tabs.

jurriaan yazmış:

>I want to encode some .wav files to mp3's. There's no lame in standard
>debian amd64, so I downloaded a package from 
>deb http://cyberspace.ucla.edu/marillat/ unstable main
>This seems to hang on some files, gdb shows a backtrace starting with
>count_bits(). Then I downloaded the original source (lame-3.96.1) and
>compiled that (./configure, make, make install). This even manages to
>crash with a segmentation fault on some files.
>What do you people use to create mp3s ?

Azer Demir

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