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Re: Acer Turion laptops

On Thursday 18 August 2005 05:07, Michelasso wrote:
> ndiswrapper and the 64bit winxp drivers the card is recognized, but I
> cannot turn the radio on since the wifi  button in the front of the
> laptop has no effect in Linux.

Are you sure the button doesn't work?  On my compaq R3000 (athlon64) laptop, 
the button behaves differently with the 32bit windows driver and the 64bit 
one.  In 32bit debian with the 32bit windows driver under ndiswrapper, 
enabling the button turns on the wifi indicator light which then glows solid.  
With 64bit debian and the 64bit driver, pressing the button *does* change the 
state of the radio, but the indicator does not turn on.  When there is 
network traffic, the light flickers indicating traffic on the connection.  

So basically if I can't find the network, I push the button and try again.  
Actually I usually just leave it enabled anyway.  Another thing you could try 
is to boot into windows, enable the radio, and then reboot into linux and see 
if that works...


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