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Re: amd64.ftbfs.de personality problem


On Monday, 15 Aug 2005, you wrote:
> I've been in the habit of looking up build logs on amd64.ftbfs.de to see
> why various new uploads have failed to develop amd64 binary packages.
> Lately, however (over this past weekend?) the server, which evidently
> also hosts volatile.debian.net, has started presenting the latter site
> exclusively -- an attempt to bring up http://amd64.ftbfs.de/ instead
> yields the front page of volatile.debian.net, and
> http://amd64.ftbfs.de/build.php gives the infamous error 404.
> FWIW, I'm proxying via a local squid installation configured as a child
> of *.ircache.net.
> Anybody know what's up?

this problem should be solved by now. We moved the buildlog database to
an other host, and had not correctly set up Apache VirtualHosts. Also
buildlogs are now viewable again, and new log now appear again in the

Thanks to all who made me aware of that missconfiguration.


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