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Re: a8n-sli gigabit lan

Hi hjalmar (2005.08.10_00:07:57_+0200)
> I have an a8n-sli mother board with Nvidia nforce4 gigabit Mac with external
> Marvell PHY and I am having trouble getting it to work.  I have compiled my
> kernel with the

I have a MSI K8N-Neo 4, and the same sort of issue.
It has Nforce4 gigabit w/ marvell phy which doesn't work in
(and in tho older 2.6s where it does, it doesn't seem to be gigabit or
- The right driver for this is forcedeth

It also has a Marvell controller (gigabit) which isn't supported by
sk98lin - I'm waiting for the new syskonnect driver in 2.6.13 for that.

I'm sticking with a PCI adaptor for now.


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