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Re: sane works, xsane not

> The bus:device numbers can change each time you reboot or power off your
> scanner, so if you don't use a script to reset the permissions, you have to
> find the usb numbers each time you start up the scanner.

It's not necessary. It works automatically if I restart PC or add or
remove scanner.

> you can also use
> #sane-find-scanner
> to identify the usb directory numbers

it returns nothing for me. scanimage returns "right device".

> When adding yourself to another group you have to relogin for that to
> have an efect.  I don't think you have to restart X though.

no I have not exactly restarted Xorg, I have just logout from KDE and
relogged via KDM. I have understand what jean-luc refer to :)

> <http://www.freecolormanagement.com/sane/libusb.html>.

thanks for link, less dark in my mind now:)


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