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gphoto2 via gthumb 32bits not working with 64 bits kernel


I successfuly tried debian pure amd64. Well, now I want to migrate softly from my current 32 bits installation.

I use a 64 bits enabled kernel with a 32 bits system and a 64 bits chroot.

I get the sound working via ioctl32 but now I have another problem : I cannot download images from my digital camera using gthumb. gphoto2 doesn't autodetect my digital camera while using 64 bits kernel while it already works when I boot from a 32 bits kernel.

I suspect USB problem or anything else... Or maybe some modules missing, I don't know.

I tried with a 64 bits chrooted gphoto2 and gthumb, but this doesn't work. But I get it work with pure 64 bits Debian.

Any idea ? Any experience with this problem ?

Jonathan ILIAS

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