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Re: sil3114 problem

Dear all,

thanks for your replies. I would like to use "real" raid. As I have to use
Windows and Linux, software raid will not be that good for me. Additionally,
it will not be that fast for cutting of films from my camcorder.

I checked the Promise SX4M (or so). On the manufacturer page, there is no
information, that this is also software raid. Additionally a guy said, that
it works fine in sarge. What I figured out is that this is the same sh...
but with hardware support. Of course, Linux still does not use the raid
functionality. So I guess, I will have to change this card to a 3ware, which
is a lot more expensive. But it should work. At least I hope so.

Do you know any other good hardware raid controllers, that are not that

Best regards,

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> the.death.angel@gmx.net wrote:
> > I used the amd64 version of sarge. When I boot, the debian installer
> shows,
> > that it loads the sil3114 module. However, when doing the partitioning,
> > debian shows me three independent hard disks, although I set up a raid
> array
> > in the BIOS. I know, that sil3114 is only a fake raid controller, but I
> > think, when the driver is loaded, the operating system should not
> recognize
> > this fact and show me the array. Am I wrong there?
> To be 100% perfectly clear, yes you are wrong.
> In the case of all the SATA chipsets which provide BIOS RAID (which is
> like, all of them) the regular libata drivers will not see the array
> created in the bios, they will simply ignore it.
> If you really must use it, you can use dm-raid to get chipset specific
> support.  But you should only do that if you need to share a RAID array
> with Windows.  Otherwise, use the in-kernel software MD driver.
> > Even if this is not really belonging here (but might still be a hint for
> a
> > solution), Windows XP (32 bit) crashes completely, before I am able to
> > create/ select a partition, no matter if the sil drivers are loaded or
> not.
> Are you loading the right driver off a floppy?
> Adam
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