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Re: sil3114 problem

On 10371 March 1977, the death angel wrote:

> I used the amd64 version of sarge. When I boot, the debian installer shows,
> that it loads the sil3114 module. However, when doing the partitioning,
> debian shows me three independent hard disks, although I set up a raid array
> in the BIOS. I know, that sil3114 is only a fake raid controller, but I
> think, when the driver is loaded, the operating system should not recognize
> this fact and show me the array. Am I wrong there?

Say thankyou to your controller, it lets you not use the crap fake-raid.
That stuff (no matter what chipset) is the worst thing that could have
been invented.

I strongly suggest turning off that feature in bios and to use kernel
raid, debian-installer should help you setting it up.

bye Joerg
"That's just f***ing great, now the bar for being a cool guy in free
software just got raised. It used to be you just had to write a million
lines of useful code. Now you've got to get a subpoena from SCO to be cool."

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