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Re: burn cd/dvd: permission /dev/sg0 denied

El vie, 22-07-2005 a las 17:33 +0000, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) escribió:

> Maybe upgrade to 2.6.12 and downgrade udev anyway.
> I've just installed 2.6.12 and udev doesnt create the device when I  
> insert a compactflash in the reader.
> I've downgraded udev to 0.60 and it works...

There have been some changes in the internal udev devices database
(whatever that is) that require some changes in HAL (according to udev's
changelog). I've informed HAL's maintainer, who was able to reproduce
the issue; unfortunately he won't be available for the next week or two,
so we'll have to wait.

Javier Kohen <jkohen@users.sourceforge.net>
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