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Re: burn cd/dvd: permission /dev/sg0 denied

> > I'm trying to burn a backup dvd of partition or single file in cd, but
> > I got permission /dev/sg0 denied.
> Do you realy have a scsi dvd burner?
> If not kick the ide-scsi and use dev=ATA:

No, I have not scsi dvd burner. I have tested with 'dev=ATA:1,2,0' but it's not work. And however working gui-s like eroaster or nero suddenly becoming unusable.
In description of my udev package installed I can read:

/dev/ management daemon
udev is a program which dynamically creates and removes device nodes from
/dev/. It responds to /sbin/hotplug device events and requires a kernel
not older than 2.6.12.

It confirms Sorrensen email.
Is it better update to kernel 2.6.12 (from 2.6.11) or downgrade udev?


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