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Re: libglu1-xorg

Hi v0n0,
I've installed libglu1-xorg on my AMD64 Notebook.
I got a _huge_ bunch of dependency Problems (for instance libarts) but
everything is running fine (as long as you ignore apt wanting to remove all
of you mmedia aps *G*). And I've repootet my System ... often - it's a


v0n0 wrote:

> Hi, I have dist-upgraded but after restarting X server I got this error
> from glxinfo:
> Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".
> Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual
> so I forced the installation of libglu1-xorg (wasn't installed by
> dist-upgrade) that removed libglu1. Is it now safe to restart X server
> again? Or should I don't reboot my pc until next update? ;)

AMD64 3400 Notebook running Debian unstable (amd64) with Vanilla Kernel
2.6.13-rc1 (www.kernel.org  - no patches)

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