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Re: SATA RAID5 adaptor other than 3ware? Thanks alot!


first off, I'll not be ableto make extensive perfomance benches. It'll go into 
production as soon as I've verified stability which will be done by what the 
mailscanners do most: extracting, scanning... then I'll recrompress and 
verify the data. Multiple loops over the weekend. Maybe I can do some bonnie 
stuff? Any other good performance measuring tools?
Only config will be RAID5 with 4 NCQ drives 7.2 krpm.

Installation will be copying the system from the old RAID1 set after upgrading 
the kernel to 2.6.11, so problems should be limited.

Please tell me what kind of short-time-possible benches you wanna see. 
Remaining HW is Tyan GX28 S2881, 2x Opteron 265, 4Gig RAM PC3200R (IIRC, 
hardware will hopefully soon be here, already ordered incl. LSI controller). 
System is of course debian/sarge amd64, ia32libs but no further 32bit stuff, 
no X.

thanks again, Sönke

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