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Re: Downloading DVD .ISO's

On Wed July 20 2005 04:31 pm, Justin Grindal wrote:
> Quick question -
> I've been trying to download the DVD .ISO's from
> http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/sarge-amd64/iso-dvd/
> and, instead of getting the 4.0 and 3.4 GB ISO's, mine only wind up
> being an even 2GB.  Obviously, when they're done, the md5sum's don't
> line up, and the images don't work.  I tried downloading them using my
> WinXP box (first try was on FC3 box) and I only read them as 387 meg
> downloads.  Any advice on how I can get the whole ISO?

I got mine with Jigdo and haven't looked back. If you decided to use jigdo 
you'll need the .jigdo and .template and point jigdo to 
http://amd64.debian.net/debian-amd64/ .

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