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Re: Filesystem stability?


Am Montag, den 11.07.2005, 18:18 -0700 schrieb Mark Ferlatte:
> I've heard rumours that some of the Linux filesystems aren't as stable
> as they should be on AMD64; in particular, I've heard of bad things
> happening with JFS and XFS.
> That being said, I can't find anything even approaching authoritative,
> so I thought I'd ask:
> What filesystems are you guys using, and anyone had any bad experiences?

I always used XFS on 32bit and was happy with it.

Some month ago I installed an Ubuntu/64bit with XFS as IMAP/POP3 server.
After some weeks the machine crashed, since I had misconfigured a
spamfilter that ate up all ressources. The filesystem was damaged, and I
repaired it from a rescue CD. Since some binaries appeared in /lost
+found, I --reinstall'ed all installed packages, and everything was

My faults until to here.

Two weeks later the machine crashed again. This time I found a message
in syslog that said XFS-Data had been corrupted in RAM and the
filesystem would be remounted read-only. That broke some processes, so I
could not login anymore. I shutdown by sysrequest-keys. Again, the
filesystem was damaged.

I ran a Ramtest from a CD. No problems.

Two weeks later the machine crashed again. Same message in syslog.
Filesystem damaged.
I decided to run the machine without fam (since I had no better idea)

The machine then worked for another two weeks, then I did a
kernel-update and rebooted. So, the countdown is reset to start...

I do not want to blame XFS, but that looks suspicious to me.


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