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Re: ati driver

El mar, 12-07-2005 a las 10:40 +0200, Alexander Voss escribió:

> But be carefull! The ATI driver is really messy. I spent two weeks trying to
> get this this driver running. No chance but only cryptic error messages.
> If you don't need 3d acceleration and don't have problems with videos you
> propably won't even need the fglrx driver. For me the standard ati driver
> is just fine.

Or unless you want DualHead, as in my case. XFree86's driver doesn't
support ATI's DualHead. I've heard that the X.org driver might, but like
many others, I'm waiting for it to become standard part of Debian before
trying it.

Anyway, it works as long as you stick to a kernel having the same DRM
API than the one they released for. And kernel hackers can always
attempt to update the open source part of the driver, which is the
interface between the binary library and the kernel.

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