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Re: iptables on amd64 kernel

Jakub Nadolny <jakub.nadolny@ite.pl> writes:

> BTW - if I would like to upgrade from i386 distro to amd64 - is it
> possible to do it with apt or I have to reinstall whole system?

Not before multiarch gets started and matures.

> I have tried to do it by changing APT::Architecture "i386"; to "amd64"
> and changing sources.list to
> deb ftp://ftp.de.debian.org/debian-amd64/debian/ testing main contrib
> but there were errors e.g. with libc6 upgrade. I could not manage it.

Once the libc6 is installed no 32bit binary will work anymore.
You can probably get around that by installing ia32-libs and then
manualy and very carefully reinstall all packages in the right[tm]
order as amd64 version. But before you figured out the right order you
will probably have the system reinstalled.

> I have one more question - for production servers do you all use
> "stable" distro? Up to now I have used "testing", but after this
> accident with iptables I started to thing about it once more.


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