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Re: amd64-specific bug in XPDF based programs?

On (10/07/05 13:23), Max wrote:
> Volker Schlecht wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >>I am seeing similar problems .... garbled text.  A windows user sent me
> >>a .pdf this week and it exhibited the same characteristics - I assumed
> >>it was a windows specific problem ;(
> >>
> >>Will you file a bug?
> >
> >Unless anyone tells me before tomorrow evening that the PDF in question 
> >displays perfectly on his system (amd64 sid, pretty much in sync with what 
> >is on the german mirrors) I'll do that yes.
> >
> >Otherwise I'll assume that the problem is somehow caused by my setup and 
> >dig into it.
> >
> I have no problems with viewing PDF files with xpdf.
> debian-am64 unstable here.

But can you view this one OK?




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