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Re: Using 4GB with amd64 - problems with NVidia graphics kernel driver

"Dr.techn. Alexander K. Seewald" <alex@seewald.at> writes:

> * Somebody should really go and compile Xvnc (vncserver) for the apt
>   servers. Minimal patches are needed to make it work with XFree86
>   4.3.0 (i.e. you have to add -fPIC everywhere :->), but it took me
>   almost a day to get it right. I used VNC 4.1.1, but earlier
>   versions are probably ok as well (>=4.0) from what I saw on the
>   web.

Last version 	3.3.7-7

You have to file a wishlist bug against vnc to upgrade to a newer
upstream version.


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