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Re: GCC 4.0 as default compiler

"Matthew A. Nicholson" <matt@matt-land.com> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> Javier Kohen <jkohen@users.sourceforge.net> writes:
>>>I see that gcc-4:4.0.0-1 became the default compiler on sid, do you
>>>think (or better yet, know by experience) if's safe to switch to it
>>>already on AMD64, or should I put it on hold for now?
>> As user of testing/unstable you are our guinny pig. You tell us.
>> Things will certainly break. But that is what testing/unstable is
>> for.
>> MfG
>>         Goswin
> So... do I get one of those neat running wheel things? :)  I am
> looking at my AMD64 processor right here and the rest of the parts of
> my new system should be here by the middle of next week.
> Hopefully I can be of some use, I do have some experience making debs,
> and I program in C, C++, and python.

I don't think there are that many amd64 specific gcc-4.0 bugs left
though. Most things will break on all systems and lots of people will
find them. Everyone can help there.

Finding those nasty amd64 specific compiler bugs on the other hand is
not suited for everyone. Most of the time the bug is easy to find if
you know your way around gcc internals already and impossible to fix

Anyway, the transition will take longer than a week and there is
always plenty of work in Debian that is happy to be done by a
volunteer. Even finding bugs and looking if they are amd64 specific or
can be reproduced on other archs is a lot of help.


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