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Re: GPG burns my notebook!

On 20:06, Thu 07 Jul 05, antongiulio05 wrote:
> Hi,
> this is not a joke:)
> Reading posts about GPG-errors for last apt version, I have launched:
> apt-key add keyfile.
> At start, notebook temperature was for thermal 1: 40 C and thermal 2: 47 C (from 'acpi -V'). Running command above (and so 'gpg' process) my system becomes unstable (auto key pressing etc.), and temperature is jumped to 55 C for 1, and 88 C for 2 in one minute. Top command returned 'gpg' cpu-usage 99%. Is it a debian problem or a notebook strange behavior? I have an acer 1524wlmi.
> Thanks
> Giulio
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If your notebook is under warranty I would RMA it, also I
would run some more test's such as prime 95, or RC5-72
something that will stress the processor. Even if they use a
desktop chip in a laptop, the manufacture needs to remember
the intended use of the laptop. An over heatings laptop is
not considered workable in my book, you should be able to
use the laptop as a server and still not have it over heat.

In other words a laptop cpu should be able to run at 100%
all the time and not have any major problems, if your
needing an external cooler because its too hot this is
another reason to send it back. I would also check the back
connectors, such as the serial ports, and usb ports, if they
feel hot to the touch, then I would send it back, maybe the
cpu heatsink is not properly installed. 

Just because its a laptop does not mean you need to baby it,
its a computer a portable one, it should be able to be used
as such, if it can't then something is wrong. 

On my wifes laptop, it runs RC5-72 24/7, I tell her she can
shut it off it she wants, but she keeps telling me that it
takes too long to boot. I said thats fine leave it on then,
it sometimes goes weeks without being turned off. If I sense
something is wrong with it, I will not hesitate to send it
back for RMA.


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