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Re: Servers inside the chroot

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 06:30:30AM -0700, Zachary Rizer wrote:
> Oh my, a forehead slapper.  At some point, I had
> commented out all my 32bit libs from ld.so.conf.  I
> removed the comments, reran ldconfig, checked ldd
> bin/* in my NX directory, and it works!

Quite likely at some point when amd64 had a new libc, since the libc
package seems to be very upset if it finds the 32bit libc in the
ld.so.conf paths while upgrading.

> Thanks so much!
> I'll put together a write-up at some point for other
> debian-amd64 users interested in using FreeNX.
> p.s. - It lives up to the hype, and even after using
> it for just 5 minutes, I'd say it's worth the 50
> (pound) license.

Len Sorensen

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