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Re: Simple Question... 32bit compatibility

On Thu, Jul 07, 2005 at 06:53:57PM -0700, Bernie Betlach wrote:
> I hope someone can give me a simple answer.....  Will 32 bit applications
> run on Sarge AMD64 ????
> I just completing a AMD64 desktop and am trying to decide between amd64 and
> i386.

Well there really are a number of options:

1) Install i386 version and use that using 32bit kernel.
2) Install amd64 version and use that.
3) Install i386 with amd64 kernel package (i386 sarge includes that) and
amd64-libs to allow running some 64bit programs and most 32bit
(iptables/alsa-utils and other things that talk to some kernel
interfaces have to be 64bit when used with a 64bit kernel I believe).
4) Install amd64 version and ia32-libs to allow running some 32bit
programs and all 64bit.
5) Install i386 with an amd64 kernel package and a 64bit chroot to play
with full 64bit stuff in. (I use this one at the moment).
6) Install amd64 with a i386 chroot to run 32bit packages in.

5 and 6 are the most practical at the moment for running both 32 and
64bit code.  Neither allow using 32bit kernel drivers, so binary only
drivers that are i386 only are not an option.  Only option 1 allows
that.  Of course option 1 is the only one that doesn't allow any 64bit
programs to run.A

Option 2 really has no advantages over 4 or 6, so I can't imagine too
many people would bother, but if you don't need anything 32bit then it
is nice and clean.

3 and 5 do have the disadvantage with iptables and alsa-utils (Maybe the
32bit ioctl module would fix that, I haven't cared much about sound, so
I haven't dealt with it yet on my system).

I suspect option 6 is the most popular among users on this list, and is
what the amd64 howto describes.

Option 1 would be the best supported of course at this time being plain
old 32bit x86.

Len Sorensen

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