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Re: W-Lan - which to buy???

Frank wrote:

>> I have recently found out about ralink.  They seem to actually have
>> linux open source drivers for their wireless chips.
>> A list of cards using there chips is here: http://ralink.rapla.net/
>> I haven't used one myself, but I have seen a few people say it worked
>> great for them.
> I can confirm that a card with the RT2500 chip is working flawlessly here
> in AMD64. Install just as the Debian Tutorial on their site says.
> Frank

Sounds wonderfull!
Thank's a lot.
I just ordered the "Asus Spacelink WL-107G PC Card PCMCIA 54 Mbit". There
homepage says it is "Red Hat Linux 7.1" compatible. That's good enough for
me ;)
Tell you more if there is more to tell ;)



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