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Re: multiarch/bi-arch status (ETA) question

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Thomas Steffen writes:
> > That is the theory, and I do believe in theory... until something more
> > practical comes along. I use Openoffice, Acrobat Reader, Partimage,
> > Mplayer, a bit of Wine, Oracle and sometimes Matlab for Linux. That
> > makes seven applications that are not supported on pure-amd64. To the
> > average user, running or not running seven applications is *way* more
> > important than your theory. In fact, the average user is probably
> > better off with a 32bit system, until he/she has 4 GB of memory.


> Hmm, I use Acrobat Reader, Mplayer and a bit of Wine on my
> pure64. What problems do you have?

The typical user considers flash in the web browser manditory.  It is
not DFSG free.  The free software advocate will claim it evil, and it
is, and will refuse to use it.  But the typical user who doesn't
really care about the politics will refuse to use any system that does
not provide the fluff and glitter to which they have become adicted.

I have set up those users in a 32-bit system so that they can run
firefox along with all of the non-free plugins to which they are
adicted.  It is the lowest common denominator at the moment.  Sad but
true.  But with a 64-bit subsystem we can still run our large memory
cad tools on the same system.

> >> 1) We don't care about anything that's not free software. (This is already
> >> too much for most people, but let's say that's no problem...)
> >
> > Yep, that is the Debian stance. And Debian constantly redefines what
> > counts as free software, which means you can suddenly be out in the
> > rain.

I could say some choice words here too.  But really the extremests are
driving all of the moderates out of Debian.  In the end I think all of
the moderates will be running Ubuntu.


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