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Re: Any DVD for install amd-64?

On Fri, Jul 01, 2005 at 06:56:57PM -0100, Nayandei wrote:
> Someone knows any DVD iso image for install amd-64? 
> If I install all via internet can be 3 days or more:(

I think there are DVD images, go read the FAQ on cdimage.debian.org for
netinstall images and such.

> Can have any problem for install sarge-i386 in a amd64? (of course will have  50% of performance) 

It will run perfectly fine, and still easily outperform a P4.

> Can I install i386 version full and after replace packages via internet and restart when finished?

You can not change from i386 to amd64 without doing a reinstall using an
amd64 install cd/dvd.  You can install i386 however and make a chroot
with 64bit in it if you install the amd64 kernel in sarge i386 (this is
how I currently run my system).  You can then use 32bit programs
normally, and use the chroot to run 64bit programs.  This is not
completely convinient though since things like alsa and iptables and
such won't work with the 64bit kernel using 32bit tools, so you have to
use the chroot 64bit tools to manipulate those things.  Using amd64 as
main and a 32bit chroot is much more convinient.

Len Sorensen

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