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Re: Inode problems

On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 12:04:20PM +0100, Colin O'Keeffe wrote:
> My amd64 debian sarge box is gone mad, its showing errors such as
> i_blocks is 64 should be 8 , Kernel panic: "Aiee, killing interrupt
> handler! , deleted inode has zero dtime. fixed,   and more things like
> that
> whats doing that? the machines console (no X running on it) would lock
> after a while and my NIC wont ping anything, its seen on ifconfig but
> cant get out...
> whats going on ???

Don't know, insufficient information. The ping errors can be due to
filesystem problems, or the other way around. Please tell more about
the machine, and exactly what error happened first.


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