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[OT] spam

It seems that this group is attracting a bit of spam.

What I find particularly ironic is the messages hawking counterfeit Windows 
software at inflated prices.  Such as:

"Save money on popular soft".  "Office $60".  

Of course, we Debian users can wipe away the initial annoyance at being 
spammed by feeling smug -- some of us have never paid money for a piece of 
software in our lives  :)  When I think how much my company has already saved 
in licence fees alone by moving to GNU/Linux on the desktop, not to mention 
the time saved in not rebooting nor worrying about adware, spyware, viruses 
and the like, not having to worry about liability for employees making copies 
of software for their own use -- we can just let them! -- well, it's a *lot*.

Anyway, surely anyone dishonest enough to buy grey-market software is 
dishonest enough to pirate it themself?

AJS -- Microsoft free and proud of it since 2002
deb64 at earthshod co uk

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