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Re: Print trouble

On Thursday 30 June 2005 20:13, antongiulio05 wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a epson stylus c86 with KOWA driver installed. When I try to print
> with KILE or KDVI print doesn't start: job error in localhost:631. If I use
> Kprinter sometime works other not.

I believe you may have run afoul of Epson's filthy little secret -- the one 
they are so ashamed of that they feel the need to disguise it.

The Epson-KOWA printer drivers contain a closed-source portion written for 
80486-type, 32-bit processors -- a .so file, to be specific.  I'm sure there 
are other, better  {i.e.  open source}  drivers that you could use with this 
printer.  {There is a school of thought that says an open source driver which 
supported only a single, slow text mode would be better than a closed source 
driver .....  }  Or better printers  {i.e.  ones that come with open source 

Alternatively, it may be considered "reasonable force" to take a disassembler 
to the closed-source binary portion and rewrite it for 64-bit  {and maybe 
PowerPC as well}.  It would be hard work, though.  Make sure you set up some 
Plausible Deniability if you plan to do this.

AJS -- Microsoft free and proud of it since 2002
deb64 at earthshod co uk

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