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Re: Any DVD for install amd-64?

On Friday 01 July 2005 11:56 am, Nayandei wrote:
> Helo.
> Someone knows any DVD iso image for install amd-64?
> If I install all via internet can be 3 days or more:(
> Can have any problem for install sarge-i386 in a amd64? (of course
> will have  50% of performance)
> Can I install i386 version full and after replace packages via
> internet and restart when finished?

They are available to download using several methods. I don't know if a 
vendor has them for sale.

The i386 port works fine on amd64 cpu's, and there isn't a 50% 
performance difference, in fact ,depending on what you are doing  you 
may not otice any difference.

Greg Madden

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