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Re: Debian/Ubuntu/Redhat which is better for heavy duty computations?

I think the distros that support amd64 will tend to be roughly the same in terms of FP performance. On x32, the only people I could see making a plausible argument to superiority would be the Gentoo guys, and even that, I'm sure people will argue. On amd64 I think there may be less of a distinction, since there is no issue of packagers building for 386 to be compatible with the last 5%. There's only one amd64 generation so far.

I do get a vague sense sometimes that the approach to compiler flags is different between distros that are concerned with servers vs. clients... probably nothing worth acting on, though.

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Alexandru Cabuz wrote:


I was wondering if anybody knows if there exist benchmarks done to
compare the performance for floating point computations (for example
lapack) on opteron with the Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat AMD 64 ports.

My research group recently got a couple of new multi-proc opteron
machines and even though they shipped with redhat enterprise, being a
fan of debian I was wondering if Debian AMD64 or Ubuntu might not be
better?  Has anybody compared performance systematically?


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