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Re: Success with Acrobat Reader 7.0 (tweaking module pathes)

Jörg Ebeling wrote:


Okay, let me go some OT:

I know the other readers like xpdf, kpdf and the like, but beside that they all have problems with some special images (i.e. JPEG transparency) or that they're sometimes ugly in the handling, I've one BIIIIIG problem with them... may be it's because of nescience of mine:

    "The all have NO reload possibility !"

Wrong.  With xpdf, hit R on the keyboard, or right-click the document
and select "reload" from the context menu.  Just tested it. :-)

Imagine, you're developing in/a PDF and need to check the result very often. When using "Adobe Acrobat" as a Browser-Plugin, you've the possibility to press the "reload" button of the browser = one click.

With kpdf or the like you need to close and re-open the file.

I'm working the whole day with my AMD64 environment.
Everything works fine.
But when I need to develope in PDF I really restart my system back into IA32 only because of the "Mouseclick" case.
I know, it's stupid.

May be someone knows another way how to reload PDFs with one click.

No problem with xpdf.

Helge Hafting

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