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smb mounted shares under chroot



I'm using openoffice under chroot. Two problems still remain - printing (I need to install printing under chroot also I think ???) and opening files mounted using samba.


The samba shares are mounted using a script on user login. These are visible under /home/username/smb-share


The home dirs are mounted under chroot via fstab as follows (from the superb debian-amd64 howto):

/home    /var/chroot/sarge-ia32/home    none    bind        0   0


problem is that I can't see the mounted share under the above. The directory the share is mounted on is empty when looking at it via chroot. So I can't open (or save) any files from the mounted samba share using any programs running under chroot (in this case, openoffice).


Do I need to install samba under chroot also and have a separate mount for chroot as well?? And would this even work since I would be mounting at the same point its already mounted on under normal 64 operation???


I'm a little stumped here.


Perhaps I'm missing an option somewhere???


Any suggestions would be appreciated.





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