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Re: Missing binaries of GNOME 2.10 and Xfce 4.2

On Mon, Jun 13, 2005 at 12:04:52PM -0700, james wrote:
> GNOME 2.10 and Xfce 4.2 are partially built on the amd64.debian.net 
> mirror.  Are there any plans to auto build these packages?  It would be 
> nice to have them an apt-get away.

gnome is being uploaded to unstable, and everything in unstable
should be build.  It should also have been completly build in
experimental afaik.

Afaik, xfce 4.2 is only in experimental and I'm waiting a few
weeks for the maintainers to fix a few bugs that result in me
being unable to build the rest of the packages.  It's fixed in
svn but they haven't uploaded it yet.


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