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Re: [PATCH] add amd64 to release-notes


On Sun, Jun 12, 2005 at 07:32:54PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> You have disabled the whole chapter on upgrading, but there are still 
> changes in that chapter regarding paths and URLs.
> IMO these changes have no use and should not be committed.

Since there is no woody amd64 release, I think the whole chapter is 
redundand for amd64, thus I omitted it.

> Also I would propose the following textual changes.
> [...]

applying them, thanks.

> +     <p>Since there is no &oldreleasename; of &debian; for the AMD64
> +     architecture, the following sections are intended for users
> +     running a 2.4 based i386 installation and are going to reinstall
> +     their systems to fully exploit the capabilities of the AMD64
> +     architecture.</p>
> s/running/currently running/
> s/and are going to/and planning to/
> Why is "reinstall" used here? Is upgrading not an option?

dpkg and apt do not support switching of the installed architecture,
thus users will not be able to "upgrade" their system form i386 to

I'll send another diff based on all these changes ASAP.

Kind regards
Frederik Schueler


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