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Re: Rescue CD wanted: 2.6.10, SATA and XFS

On 6/10/05, Ed <edd@avenuedesign.net> wrote:
> Knoppix meets the requirements. Beware XFS with NFS and/or Samba. I have
> recently moved all my clients systems off XFS.

I agree. As I posted before, I am not happy with XFS either, but I
have not made the effort yet to change it. I will probably change the
system partition to reiserfs as soon as the system is up again :-)

And Knoppix does support SATA now? Unfortunately, my mainbord has no
ATA emulation, so I do need the SATA drivers from kernel 2.6.10 or
later. Can you recommend a "small" variant of Knoppix? I do have ADSL,
but 700 MB still take some time...


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