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revisit Prob with nvidia and X11 on pure64bit

A thread posted in early May recommended using the following pkgs to install 
the nvidia graphic drivers for amd64/pure64.

>  nvidia-kernel-common
>  nvidia-glx
>  nvidia-kernel-source

I tried searching the thread on this subject but never found where to look for 
nvidia-kernel-source.  (currently using this mirror: sources = deb 
http://debian.csail.mit.edu/debian-amd64/debian sid main contrib non-free)

Has anyone been successful at installing the nvidia drivers with debian pkgs 
_since_ the amd64 repositories were moved from alioth?  If so, please share 
where you found the pkgs and the method that worked to install them 
(particularly if the mesaGL libs are still a problem)...
Dan Cherry

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