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Re: i need a pdf creator

Michael G. Hansen ha scritto:

daniele wrote:

hi, sorry for my orrible english :-)
now in debian sarge pure64 i don't have openoffice
i hope that ooffice 64bit arrive in debian sarge in a few time
but now if i want to create a pdf what i do?
i need a simple gui application that allow to create a pdf
if i run
apt-cache search pdf i obtain a long list but i need a feedback from users



If you are trying to create a magazine or something similar, you might want to try scribus (apt-get install scribus). It takes a while to get used to, because it has a lot of features, but there is a tutorial on the Scribus-Website: http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&sm=gettingstarted&page=tutorials/freedomyug/scribustutorial

The documentation is in non-free though (scribus-doc). Oh, and in case you use transparency-features in your PDF, KPDF (Version 0.4.1) doesn't seem to support that when viewing a PDF-file.


i will try scribus
i don't use openoffice because my system is pure64 and i am waiting for openoffice 64bit now i use abiword but i did some tests and the pdf documents are not readable :-(
perhaps it's possible that  i wrong some actions :-(
in linux is a sin that we have not a software as Adobe Acrobat


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