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Re: i need a pdf creator

On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 08:47:04PM +0200, daniele wrote:
> hi, sorry for my orrible english :-)
> now in debian sarge pure64 i don't have openoffice
> i hope that ooffice 64bit arrive in debian sarge in a few time
> but now if i want to create a pdf what i do?
> i need a simple gui application that allow to create a pdf
> if i run
> apt-cache search pdf i obtain a long list but i need a feedback from users

You can just run openoffice in a 32bit chroot as indicated in the howto.
You can also set up a pdf writer printer driver in cupsys rather easily
which allows you to generate pdf's from any program that can print.

Len Sorensen

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