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Re: ia32-libs broken?

Nathan Dragun <ndragun@dragunenterprises.com> writes:

> Nathan Dragun wrote:
>> I had issues with pre 1.4 build (non-gcc4) in which the lddlibc4
>> command couldn't be found.  Fortunately in the 1.4 build it worked
>> great!  But now suddenly the build fails to find the
>> command again.
>> I waited a while before submitting this assuming it would draw
>> attention to itself, but it hasn't.  If I'm not mistaken the
>> libraries were movied to the ia32-libs-extra package?  I grabbed
>> that as well, didn't seem to make a difference in regards to
>> lddlibc4.
> Still havn't heard word on this, anyone else having an issue with
> this? If necessary, where/how should I file a bug report?
> Thanks.
> Nathan
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Directly to the author of the patch. Read changelog for email.


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