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Re: bind9-host upgrades every single time...?

On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 07:15:11PM +0200, Alexandru Cabuz wrote:
> I noticed almost every single time I do an apt-get upgrade, bind9-host
> gets upgraded.

You probably have a bind9-host from before the move, and it was
rebuild resulting in a different md5sum.  So apt is going to
reinstall it.  Since you already have it downloaded in
/var/cache/apt/archive, it doesn't download the new version and
just installs the old again.  You need to remove old .deb file
from the cache.

apt-get clean  (or remove it manaully from /var/cache/apt/archive)
apt-get upgrade

If that doesn't help do:
apt-get remove bind9-host
apt-get install bind9-host


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