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Re: Unmet build dependencies for openssh?

Thank you, that helped a lot.  I downloaded and installed the .debs
manually, and the new sticking point became that this:


couldn't be installed because it depended on libtasn1-2_0.2.10-3, when
it wanted to install libtasn1-2_0.2.10-4.  I installed both of the
-3's manually, and then it was willing to proceed.

It installed all of gnome and a zillion libraries (on a headless db
server ;), and I was then able to build the ssh package.


If you think you're running sarge, and have that in /etc/apt/sources.list, it may be good to downgrade some packages if you find them with "apt-show-versions|grep unstable".. I was running a mix of sarge/sid from the old /pure64 and /debian-amd64, and downgrading all packages that I could, manually, solved me some problems.


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