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THANK YOU + installing notes + new? supported mainboard

Hi all,

first I want to spend a big "THANK YOU" for your work on amd64 port! Great 
Special thanks to http://rufus.hackish.org/~rufus/files/fglrx/ for the 
deb-package to get X working!

Installing notes:
Problems getting right image for installation cause of wrong sources 
respectively not able to type in correct sources into installer.
With http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2005/05/msg00460.html everything 
works fine.

New? supported mainboard:
What do you want to know or what do I have to test to give you Information 
about working mainborad?
My hardware:
Ati X800 Pro
Samsung SP1614C (SATA)
AMD-64 3200+

Onboard NIC not tested by now ...


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