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Re: AMD64 archive move

Joerg Jaspert wrote:

There will be multiple mirrors, yes.
Already mirroring are
bytekeeper.as28747.net and

I already got asked by some others here from europe and from asia. (No,
i havent lost your mails, you get the answer tomorrow. :) )
They will be added Wednesday evening (my time :) ) but yes, there will
be different mirrors.
As many as possible. :)

We intend to do the following:
Have 3 or 4 primary mirror sync directly from amd64.d.n, and let others
sync from them. As one of the machines directly syncing is a very
powerful one (both with bandwith and cpu) this one will take most of
them. And we close amd64.d.n for direct access to have a fast and timely
push to our mirrors.
That should be the best for our users, fetching the stuff from a local
mirror and not a machine that would get overloaded with everyone
fetching from it centrally. :)

One difference to debian is in this setup: We run our "dinstall" hourly,
so we have more and smaller (well, one arch :) ) pushes.

More will come with a general announcement in the next days, we are
still cleaning some places here and there. :)

Oh, we will also provide a mirrors.txt, so users can choose their
mirrors to match their location. :)

(And as always: More mirrors are always good, so just mail me if you
want to be a mirror and get pushes whenever there are changes.)

Hi all,

Anybody know if there's going to be a mirror in or near Australia at all? The mirrors are all quite far away from me here...



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