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Re: PPTP MPPE System Lock up

Hi Pete,

Well I don't think I can help but I can at least let you know that you
are not the only person to experience this problem since I get the same

I have an Ubuntu (debian based) amd64 set up. I also have a Simply Mepis
(debian based)  32 bit setup.  Simple Mepis works fine with pptp and
mppe - in fact I did not have to rebuild the kernel or do anything
special. The kernel version is 2.6.10.

The first time I tried the Ubuntu system with pptp and mppe it locked up
in the way you describe i.e. cannot do anything with mouse, keyboard or
remote login. I figured this was because I did not have the most
up-to-date versions of ppp, pptp or the mppe kernel patch. One by one I
upgraded/installed each and upgraded the kernel from 2.6.11-1 to
2.6.11-9 along the way. Unfornately none of these changes any difference.

One frustrating issue with this problem is that there appear to be no
errors reported in any of the log files. I know that if I disable mppe
this problem goes away - but I of course then I cannot access my office.
I know that if the pptp server does not communicate with me I do not get
this problem (e.g. by preventing port 1723 access). So it seems anyway
that the problem only happens when I can successfully connect and
transfer gre packets to and from the pptp server.

I spent all day yesterday trying to resolve this problem and got nowhere
so I too would be grateful to anyone who can offer a solution or a

- Allan.

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