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Re: gcc4 on pure64/gcc-3.4 ?

Le vendredi 22 avril 2005 à Hi,

Just for information, I haven't really tested gcc-4.0, I thinks it's too

It's really strange for me but for example gmp (library for arbitrary
precision) work really better with gcc-3.3/gcc-3.4 (-O3 and C code).
There is a bench on their site.

One question: does somebody has tested gcc-3.4 and/or gcc-4.0
on simple bench (array (double,long,int,char) and simple operations)?



08:22 -0400, John Baab a écrit :
> Forgot to CC the list:
> As far as I know the gcc-4 depository has quite a bit of problems, you
> can run gcc-4(3.4.3) from the debian-amd64 depository.  Just apt-get
> install gcc-3.4 and then you will have to point the gcc symlink to
> gcc-3.4 instead of gcc-3.3.  There may be a better way to switch
> between these, but changing the symlink worked fine for me.
> -John

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