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Re: question about AMD64 HOWTO

On (21/04/05 13:38), Jonathan Kaye wrote:
> En/La Thomas Steffen ha escrit, a 21/04/05 13:13:
> | On 4/21/05, Jonathan Kaye <jonathan.kaye@univie.ac.at> wrote:
> |
> |>Thanks for that. Yes, the more I read, the more it seems you can install
> |>amd64 onto an i386 system.
> |
> |
> | Yes, it assume that you already have an i386 system, and want to
> | install amd64. Although I am not 100% sure whether I would recommend
> | that approach. A clean new install on a separate partition certainly
> | has its advantages.
> Yes, indeed. I've got sarge 3.6.8 running nicely.
> |
> |>The next question is what becomes of the
> |>existing system?
> |
> |
> | That is up to you. You can keep the 64bit system a chroot, if you only
> | use it occasionally, and mainly stay with 32bits.
> |
> Ideally I'd like the 32 bit system to wither away. From what you say
> below, the only indispensable thing is Openoffice and I could run that
> from a chroot in a 64 bit system.
> | If you put the chroot on a separate partition, you can also boot it
> | directly, and then set up the old 32bit system as a chroot.
> |
> | Until all application actually work on 64bit, I would not delete the
> | 32bit system. I might still come handy at some point.
> |
> I agree with that. I have a 200Gb HD but with no partitions (aside from
> swap) so I have to look into virtual partitions that David was talking
> about.
Grab a Knoppix disk, boot into it and fire up qtparted.  That will
enable you to shrink your partition and create some new ones.  Then you
can doa fresh 64bit install and create a new chroot within it.
Meanwhile you'll still have the old system to fall back on whilst
configuring the new one.




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